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iiNexus Global provides every step from start to finish of the risk management model and services to ensure our clients have a robust and manageable risk management system in place at their business.

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OHS Essentials Program

iiNexus offers the free starter program OHS Essentials program to make workplaces aware of risk and safety and to provide you with a no obligation free session and service before you begin

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iiNexus Global provides consultancy and a risk and safety specialised services for your business with free consultancy as part of the OHS Essentials program for Small businesses.

Ask about our plans and offers on the contact page.

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While you may be growing and have challenges with dedicated safety staff iiNexus Group provides an additional resource of a expert on site safety staff consultant who will work as part of your team to manage your risk. Ask how we can help you today. 

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Auditing is a valuable management technique to assessing and maintaining workplace compliance. Whether you have a plan in place or need one our experts can provide an auditing solution or scheduled audits as required. SME can apply for a gap audit through our OHS essential program for free.

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Policies and Procedures are often time consuming and difficult to build and maintain. With the changing legislative requirements and the need to remain compliant our team can assist with building you a robust set of policies and procedures for your business. Ask for a sample today before you begin.

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Understanding Risk and Safety and meeting the legislative requirements is what we specialise in. Our Team is on hand to assist with advising you on requirements, meeting your obligations and assessing your true risk to expand your brand.

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Our offerings and assistance in Advice is truly unique with our 24/7 Advisory services via SafetyGuruOnCall . With our expert advisors and on site consultants we provide a comprehensive support package to ensure you have the complete support for your safety and risk management systems.

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As part of our OHS Essentials Program SME is entitled to free workplace inspections. The value in a workplace inspection is testing and evaluating risks and ongoing compliance and is a great opportunity for your workplace to have a third party assessment and review which may also support your current safety plans.

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We offer accredited and non-accredited Health & Safety Training programs. They can be delivered as both open programs or tailored for in-house delivery.

Our training program is a great way to supplement our workplace inspection to assist staff in understanding risk.

i.e. we can provide a training presentation "why safety is important" . Want to know more. Go to contact page now

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Many organisations both small and large only assess a crisis or emergency after the event. The smart managers of today know that the key to managing emergencies is having a robust plan in place. Our team of experts can assist not only in providing a comprehensive plan but also in its implementation. Ask How?

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New legislation in the Transport Industry now places the responsibility on all parties in the road transport supply chain. Ask one of our experts about this legislation and how to ensure you are compliant with the new rules.

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Managing contractors safety can be daunting and require a substantial amount of your valuable time. We evaluate the requirements for contractors and assist in putting a contractor model in place to streamline and systemize your contractors which can reduce business risk, lost labour time and clients.

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The world has changed since COVID -19 and we have changed too. In the modern world where working from home is becoming the new norm our services have also extended to home business. Those companies that have paved the way to working from home, know that a new risk becomes present in home business and our experts are on hand to navigate you through how to evaluate and assess risk.

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ISO Certification is the new way to drive and establish the quality of your business and set you apart from your competition. Developing and Implementing these recognised International Standards can be time consuming and costly. Our experts specialise in developing, guiding and implementing these standards. ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO31001

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Many organisations provide certification and risk management services but no ongoing support or comprehensive review process. One of our key fundamentals is to ensure that all of our clients not only succeed in the compliance and risk management plan but are also supported and constantly reviewed so that they remain compliant and ahead of any changes within their respective industries as they arise.

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