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Industry experts at iiNexus Global have extensive hands-on risk management and compliance experience, as well as a proven track-record of working from the C-suite boardroom to the shop floor.


Supported by a wealth of technical knowledge amongst our team of highly-trained consultants and strategic partners. We work with real life scenarios at the point of execution which has helped us stand out from our competitors.


You can browse through our consulting services, training courses, advisory services and technology services, learn more about us or simply contact us for more information.

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The safety of employees in the workplace is central to the everyday operations of your business.

iiNexus Global provides Safety and training programmes for your business and more importantly your staff.

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Risk Management is the about assessing your business for risks and potential loss and creating management strategies to not only improve your operations and productivity but to also reduce any potential risks which may lead to the loss of income or brand damaging consequences to your company.

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The key fundamentals to compliance are ensuring your business meets and exceeds the regulatory requirements to perform its daily operations and also becomes a tool to leverage higher value contracts and positively contribute to the environment and the quality or your businesses offerings.

Bankruptcy Filing

Auditing is a highly valuable tool to measure your organisation and to uncover any deficiencies which can lead to fundamental process improvements. These improvements also increase productivity and reduce potential loss and risk to your business.

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Maintenance includes Test & Tag, Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Alarms and First Aid kits and is part of ensuring that the equipment that you use in the workplace is not only compliant to standard but is also functional and operational in the event of an emergency or when their use is required.

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