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How to Implement a Proven and Sustainable Ergonomics Process in your Workplace

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Follow the below guidelines below on how to implement an effective ergonomics /manual handling programs within your business in to order to reduce MSD injuries to your workers

Train your team Build up your employees' ergonomics knowledge and skills quickly with iiNexus Ergonomics & Manual Handling training courses. Comprehension checks ensure training is completed and your team is ready to manage the ergonomics process.

Assess risk Conduct ergonomic & manual handling assessments to gain a clear understanding of risk at your worksite without worrying about doing manual calculations or dealing with hundreds of Excel spreadsheets. iiNexus have a full suite of ergonomic assessment tools we can use to assist you.

Prevention action plan It’s up to you to take action, adopt known approaches that work, and take ownership of the outcomes. Prevention strategies that work are available to you. iiNexus can assist you to prioritize and implement cost-effective control measures.

Manage discomfort iiNexus helps you track and manage early reports of discomfort, ensuring timely and ongoing follow-up continues until the discomfort has resolved.

Measure progress Track and improve leading and lagging ergonomics metrics. ?

Scale solutions Scale ergonomics solutions from one worksite to a hundred. ?

If you would like some assistance with an assessment of manual handling/ ergonomics duties in your workplace, contact iiNexus Global for FREE OHS Essentials. Contact us.

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