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What to do Post an Earthquake

With recent earthquake epicenter in Mansfield registered as magnitude-5.9 earthquake shakes Melbourne, regional Victoria, southern NSW, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and Launceston. Time to review your Emergency Response Plan.

  • Is your Emergency Response Plan current?

  • Does it have Earthquake emergency response procedure?

  • Does it have "What to do After an Earthquake" process?

  • Do your employees know what to do in an earthquake?

  • Does your employees know about Drop, Cover and Hold On Steps?

During an earthquake, your employees are at risk of injury, especially from falling and flying objects. Drop, Cover, and Hold On is considered the safest response when the ground starts shaking. We have developed some tips, guidance notes and checklist to help you prepare your workplace and your employees for the next one.

Find out more how to improve your Emergency Response Plan, contact iiNexus. Our Safety Consultants can assist you with Emergency training, risk reviews or development of your emergency program to include earthquake response and other emergency crisis.

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