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Worksafe New - The Sooner, the Better Guide to Returning to workplace after an injury

Whether you’re an employer or employee, the sooner you get in touch after an injury, the better the return to work journey. iiNexus Global Safety/RTW consultants can help you along this journey.

It’s not easy to know what to say, or when to say something after a workplace injury has occurred, but it is essential to get the conversation up and running early so that your injured workers feel valued and supported. Opening the lines of communication early after a workplace incident, whether psychological or physical, can make the return to work process easier for both you as an employer, and the injured worker.

LEARN MORE Return to work -The sooner, the better. Getting in touch early after injury. Don't wait.

Worksafe has developed a conversation guide to help employers when reaching out. Start your conversation early.

If you need assistance with your Return To Work Program or have any questions, reach out to us now, our Safety consultants are ready to chat and to advise on your next steps.

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